WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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JAK ECIG Cartridge Pack 16mg and 24mg

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The JAK Cartridges are available in six different flavors: Regular for that classic tobacco taste, icy Menthol, vanilla Crema, Berry, Coffee and Icy Mint. Tobacco and Menthol come with 24mg of nicotine, while the Crema, Berry, Coffee and Icy Mint flavors come with 16mg in nicotine.

Modern vape pens like JAK ECIGS, offer numerous advantages over traditional cigarettes; no dirty smoke or dangerous tar, among many others. There are other awesome advantages; portability, subtlety, and discretion that can only come from modern, sleek products like JAK ECIGS.

JAK Cartridges are an incredible value as the most affordable, most cigarette like experience from an electronic cigarette.

The JAK Cartridges each contain 2 replacement cartridges, together equivalent to 8 packs of traditional cigarettes. 

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